Some of the best spots in Kentucky are the WMA's around our lakes, including Green River WMA and Lake Cumberland WMA. US Highway 75 runs north and south through the Refuge, and Interstate 40 runs east and west roughly 2.5 miles south of the southern Refuge boundary. This habitat provides important cover, food and breeding areas for migrating waterfowl, as well as for mammals like cottontail and swamp rabbits, beavers, raccoons and white-tailed deer. JavaScript is disabled. Participants will have an opportunity to pattern their shotguns for turkey hunting following classroom instruction. Reservations and Fees Turkey hunting at Sutherland Reservoir is by reservation only. The new acreage is now open to all regulated hunting including small game, wild turkey, pheasant, deer, and waterfowl hunting. Did anyone hunt this new WMA last year? The Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge (DFNWR) is part of the United States system of National Wildlife Refuges, and is a critical resource for wildfowl that migrate along the Central Flyway in Spring and Fall. Several parking areas scattered around the refuge give access to visitors for bird watching, hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. Firearms (no permit required): April 23-May 8, 2022. Here are some birds you might want to look for at national wildlife refuges and other bird-friendly places. 3. Centrally located between . --> Property consists of fairly even mix of hay meadow & pasture with adequate amount of trees to deer & turkey hunt. Ive never seen a rabbit! The TWRA manages over 1.5 million acres of WMAs statewide for the hundreds of species living in those areas. Description This area consists of five units, on Norfork Lake: Chapin Point, Indian Head, Seward Point, Bennets Creek and Fulton County. April 18-20, 2022, April 23-25, 2022, April 30-May 2, 2022. . .goog-te-banner-frame {display:none !important;} Shotguns must not be capable of holding more than 3 shells. Remnants of pecan orchards and the old coal mine railroad bed tell the story of the past, while the trees tell the story of today. Squirrel: Both fox and gray squirrel are common. The Harold Stuart Marsh (Refuge Unit) is closed to all waterfowl hunting. He got his first deer ( a doe) during early ML season there. You might also look into the WMAs out in Osage county. Lexington: No hogs that I have seen, have seen a few tracks. Projectiles coated with any drug, poison or tranquilizing substance are prohibited. .goog-te-menu-value:hover {text-decoration:none !important;} 2022 Turkey. Content last updated on November 30, 2022. [4], The Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge is bordered on the north by the Okmulgee Wildlife Management area (OWMA) of 10,900 acres (44km2). For any person under 16 years of age to hunt on any WMA unless accompanied by a licensed . WMA Overview Public Hunting Area users must abide by the Location & Size: Nelson, Larue Counties; 2,896 acres. The animals which are available for hunting include: deer, fox, grouse, squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, turkey, woodcock, mourning dove, and various waterfowl. There are over 35 miles of hiking and nature trails available. You may not shoot turkeys from a building or other permanent structure. Adjoining the refuge on the south is the Eufaula Wildlife Management area which preserves another 7 miles (11km) of the Deep Fork River to its mouth at Eufaula Lake.