ISEC Award Info 2017 26.07.2017


To recognise significant contributions which have advanced the wider field of solvent extraction (SX). The AWARD should encourage the pursuit of technological advances and innovative thinking in the SX industry thereby enhancing its professional status.


The AWARD is aimed at the whole SX community including for example: applications in analytical chemistry; biotechnology; pharmaceuticals; hydrometallurgy; nuclear processing; etc. Nominations would be welcomed from diverse sectors including for example: academic research and teaching; process research and development; and industrial application.

Potential Recipients

Recipients may be any of the following:

  • individuals
  • group or team responsible for the achievement with no limitation on the number of people comprising a group
  • an operations company (mill site for example)
  • an R&D laboratory
  • an educational institution such as a college or department thereof.

Time Frame

No limit on the time frame associated with the AWARD recognising that significant time may elapse before the extent of innovation can be realised.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria apply to the evaluation of achievements:

  • a significant contribution that has advanced an area of SX;
  • degree of innovation and evident originality;
  • degree of practical or potential implementation;
  • degree of advancement in the specific SX area.

Publications are not essential to define significant contributions allowing scientists/engineers to be recognized who, because of the nature of their career, have not been able to generate a list of publications.

Examples of Typical Achievements (not exclusive)

  • new SX applications (e.g. metal recovery; inorganic and organic chemical processing; treatment of effluents and waste-water);
  • development and application of new extractant or synergistic mixtures;
  • new applications for known extractant systems;
  • improved plant layout and configuration;
  • development and application of new or significantly improved equipment;
  • developments in engineering design and scale up;
  • development and application of new models, theory or methods that improve the understanding of scale up and optimization of plants and processes;
  • promotion and understanding of SX by service on committees; conference, short course; workshop organisation; publication of educational material;
  • significant contributions to fundamental/applied research in SX science/technology.


Nominations can be submitted at any time from person(s) involved with the technology and all nominations to be independently verified by a member of ICSE.

Call for nominations:

12 months prior to ISEC, notices calling for nominations must be placed in identified journals and also posted on the ISEC and IEX websites: appropriate journals to be selected at the discretion of the Administrator.

ISEC Sponsors must be informed of the call for nominations and requested to include the information in their literature and web-sites.

Notice of the AWARD shall also be included in all literature related to ISEC.

Nomination procedure:

Nominations must be in writing (hard copy or electronic) and must consist of the following documents:

  • detailed description of the invention/development/application emphasizing the degree of innovation and explaining how it has impacted on the practice of SX and advanced the field;
  • documents that support the nomination and significance of the contribution;
  • document giving details of the nominee(s) and contributions to the project;
  • CV of the nominee or the team leader(s).

Nominations shall be sent to the Secretary of the International Committee not less than 8 months prior to ISEC;

the Secretary of the International Committee to collate all documents and circulate to ICSE members.

Committee Members must be requested to vote for not more than three nominations and submit their vote electronically within six weeks.

The Administrator will analyze the votes and identify three nominees with the highest number of votes and request that the Committee Members vote again for the short-listed nominees, placing them in order of preference. This vote must also be transmitted electronically to the Secretary of the International Committee within six weeks.

The Secretary of the International Committee must count the votes of Members to obtain the order of preference determined by all the Committee Members.

In the event of a tied result a casting vote will be given to the ICSE Chairman or the Chairman of the ISEC Organizing Committee. Alternatively both nominees can be considered to receive the Award especially if it is decided that each candidate is equally meritorious.

Unsuccessful nominations will be automatically allowed to participate in the next Award without further nomination and the nominees should be allowed to update their submission. No nominee(s) may apply more than twice.


No monetary value shall be associated with the AWARD but appropriate members [team leader(s) and up to 3 members of the team] shall receive free registration at the ISEC when the AWARD is presented.

The AWARD shall consist of a citation in the form of an illuminated address presented to each member of the winning team. The citation should include the title and brief description of the project.

Citations shall be presented to all members of the team following the ISEC presentation.


Sponsorship of the AWARD although not essential would be desirable to cover costs. In the event that no sponsors are available allocation as follows: ISEC registration (organisers); accommodation and travel costs (self-funded).

Sponsorship would not entitle sponsors to be included in the name of the AWARD but could be displayed in the conference literature and at the presentation.

Costs involved include: advertising call for nominations; production of citation certificates; ISEC registration/accommodation.


The overall responsibility for administering the Award rests with the Secretary of the ICSE with help and assistance from another nominated member of ICSE.

Nominations for the AWARD would be evaluated by the ICSE membership with the possible assistance of a selected group of assessors to provide specialist input chosen from the ICSE membership and/or the wider SX community.

Administration tasks will include:

  • preparation of announcements to elicit nominations for the Award;
  • placing above notices in appropriate journals and websites;
  • collating nomination documentation and distribution to ICSE membership and assessors;
  • assisting with the assessment and evaluation of entries;
  • communicating the outcome of the evaluation to the chairmen of ICSE and the the ISEC organizing committee;
  • informing the winner(s) of the decision;
  • preparation of the AWARD citation with the assistance of the winner(s);
  • preparation of suitable notices of the winners for insertion in journals/websites.

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