ISEC Award

Nomination procedure (Excerpt):

Nominations must be in writing (hard copy or electronic) and must consist of the following documents:

  • detailed description of the invention/development/application emphasizing the degree of innovation and explaining how it has impacted on the practice of SX and advanced the field;
  • documents that support the nomination and significance of the contribution;
  • document giving details of the nominee(s) and contributions to the project;
  • CV of the nominee or the team leader(s).

Nominations shall be sent to the Secretary of the International Committee not less than 8 months prior to ISEC

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The award is first given 2014 in Wuerzburg by the International Committee of Solvent Extraction (ICSE) to recognise significant contributions which have advanced the wider field of solvent extraction (SX). The AWARD should encourage the pursuit of technological advances and innovative thinking in the SX industry thereby enhancing its professional status.

The AWARD is aimed at the whole SX community including for example: applications in analytical chemistry; biotechnology; pharmaceuticals; hydrometallurgy; nuclear processing; etc. Nominations would be welcomed from diverse sectors including for example: academic research and teaching; process research and development; and industrial application. replica rolex fake rolex fake rolex